New Volkswagen Golf R and Arteon R caught in Switzerland

New Volkswagen Golf R and Arteon R caught in Switzerland

March 11, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Several “charged” Volkswagen cars were recently photographed in the parking lot of the St. Moritz hotel in Switzerland.

YouTube showed a video filmed by TheTFJJ, which first shows us a prototype Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk8, before another Golf drives into the parking lot. This particular test mule is endowed with the body structure of the Mk7 model, however, the inside and four tailpipes of the exhaust pipes emphasize the individuality of the car.

Later in the video show another prototype Volkswagen Golf R Mk8. This time, however, the test model has the body of the latest generation Golf and is more like a version ready for mass production. The prototype is also equipped with a new front panel with a larger grille and air intakes similar to the new GTI. Note that the car also boasts a blue accent on the front grille, which is typically characteristic of the Golf GTE, and not the R version.

The video also briefly reveals the question of what the car looks like, probably the prototype of the upcoming Volkswagen Arteon R. This car has been talked about for a long time and earlier the photo spies caught it during the tests. We emphasize that the prototype in question has an R-Line badge on the front grill, so it is not yet clear whether this is a real test version of Arteon R.

Say what you like about the Arteon R powerplant, there are several positions. While some sources claim that the car will get a 3.0-liter twin-cylinder VR6 engine with a return of about 400 hp, others talk about a 2.0-liter turbo engine, which in the upcoming Golf R will produce about 333 hp . power.