New version of Daihatsu Move Canbus

New version of Daihatsu Move Canbus

April 23, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The Limited series is divided into two options: White Accent and Black Accent. The name reflects the main distinguishing feature: the decoration of decorative external elements with black gloss or white mother of pearl.

Daihatsu Move Canbus is a model aimed at women, so the manufacturer tries to complement the line with modifications that allow to emphasize the individuality of the exterior, albeit with simple methods.

The Limited series is available in two versions: White Accent Limited SA III and Black Accent Limited SA III. In both cases, the original color trim has a grille, rings around the fog lights, side moldings, bumper pads, side mirrors and door handles. The name of the version reflects the color of the finish: gloss black or white mother of pearl.

The color of the decorative elements depends on the basic color of the body. Black decor is available in combination with white or gray body, white – with turquoise, beige or pink. The latter, a new one in the colors of Move Canbus, this shade (pink was offered before) was called Blooming Pink Metallic. It will be available, as expected, in June.

Decorative caps of 14-inch wheels, as well as inserts in the passenger compartment, have a similar color binding.

There are no technical features for Move Canbus Limited. The car is equipped with a 0.66-liter 3-cylinder aspirated engine in combination with a variator, full or front wheel drive.

Each of the Move Canbus Limited options can be based on a complete set of X or G.

The cost of the car in Japan is 1,479,600 – 1,679,400 yen.

Daihatsu Move Canbus is intended for the domestic market of Japan, where it appeared in September 2016. Since then, more than 200,000 units have been sold.