New US President Biden has tightened requirements for carmakers from day one

New US President Biden has tightened requirements for carmakers from day one

January 22, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

The 46th US President Joe Biden, immediately after taking office, ordered the abolition of some standards for the automotive industry, which his predecessor, Donald Trump, adopted.

The main purpose of the changes will be to promote the development of electric transport, as well as the introduction of strict control over the efficiency of cars that have internal combustion engines.

Joe Biden believes that universal electrification should be a priority for the development of the automotive industry. According to the president, multimillion sums will be invested in the development of a network of electric filling stations, as a result of which their number will reach at least 500,000. Along with this, the United States is expected to introduce new preferential terms for those companies that produce electric vehicles.

The initiatives of the new American leader will certainly impact the traditional auto industry. In addition, Biden plans to return to the previous standards for automakers, which will have to improve the economy of cars by 5% every year – 1.5% was enough under Trump. The American leader is also going to give the state of California back the ability to set its own, more stringent requirements for emissions of exhaust gases.

It is worth saying that the timing of the entry into force of the amendments to the automotive industry is not disclosed at the moment.