New Toyota TRD Pro promises to be the best off-road

New Toyota TRD Pro promises to be the best off-road

February 6, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

A mysterious and apparently very powerful version of the Japanese car will be shown in the car showroom in Chicago. Also there will be presented an updated pickup Tacoma 2020.

The Japanese novelty is positioned as a “new off-road beast TRD Pro”, which “will receive many updates TRD Pro”. Unfortunately, this is all that Toyota is ready for the time being to announce its new product, which will be shown at the upcoming Chicago auto show.

However, thanks to the logic and messages of insiders, we can assume what kind of car it will be.

Since Toyota claims it’s still the TRD Pro family, we can eliminate the existing models, such as the 4Runner SUV, as well as the Tacoma and Tundra trucks. And considering that we are probably talking about an SUV, we have only two options left: the Land Cruiser and the Sequoia.

Now we already know that Toyota will present the Land Cruiser SUV performed by the Heritage Edition of 2020 – the show will take place at the Chicago Auto Show, which is unlikely to allow the automaker to use the same space for another debut of the Land Cruiser. Thus, a full-size SUV Sequoia begins to look like the “main suspect” for the title of the most “cruel” representative of TRD Pro, especially since the similar Tundra pickup already offers an off-road package.

In any case, the Japanese novelty to overcome off-road will get the TRD Pro Bilstein shock absorbers with external tanks, more productive TRD springs with a lifting kit, more durable light alloy wheels with off-road tires and much more.