New Toyota Supra barely overtook this van in the form of peanuts.

New Toyota Supra barely overtook this van in the form of peanuts.

May 1, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The guys from the Auto Club Speedway team decided to arrange an unusual race. As a contender to a new generation of sports coupe Toyota Supra was chosen a van with a body in the form of peanuts.

We have already seen some crazy races. We saw frankly strange races, which can be called so simply because they were held between representatives of completely different classes of cars. If earlier we thought that it would be difficult to surprise us with something, then now we are not sure about that.

To persuade us it turned out the guys from the team Auto Club Speedway, which is in the state of California (USA). That’s what they learned – they decided to make a race between the new generation of the Japanese sports car Toyota Supra and some kind of peanut-shaped van. The latter received a fiberglass body in the form of a giant peanut – it is simply impossible not to notice such a little car.

The video with an extremely comical race between the Toyota sports coupe and the “big peanut” (let’s call it that) has already been watched by a huge number of Twitter social network members.

We are not familiar with the actual details of this funny event, but according to the story, the “big peanut” challenged the Toyota coupe – the race took place during the Super Bowl (a popular television event).

It’s funny that no one even thinks that the “big peanut” has at least some chances to beat the Japanese car. And in vain, under the hood of a van is a 6.0-liter V8 LS produced by the American concern GM. So this is a rather “evil” nut.

The first seconds of the video are predictable – the sports coupe is in the lead, and then the driver of the “big peanut” presses the nitrous oxide button, after which … You can say a lot about this race, but as they say, it’s better to see once what to hear a hundred times.