New Toyota MR2 will be created using Porsche?

New Toyota MR2 will be created using Porsche?

August 22, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

As part of his press conference, Supra’s chief engineer said he would like to work with German Porsche specialists to revive the Celica and / or MR2 sports model.

After the 86 sports car was created after a partnership with Subaru, Toyota teamed up with Bavarian BMW to create a new generation Supra coupe. Now, there are rumors that the company may, together with the German Porsche, revive the sports model Celica and / or MR2 (pictured).

In an interview with journalists from Road and Track last year, representatives of the Japanese brand spoke about their desire to return the Celica and / or MR2. At the moment, there is a great many rumors about what will happen to the sports MR2 receiver with a mid-engine.

During the presentation of the new Supra in Japan, none other than the chief engineer of the Supra project, Tetsuya Tada, spoke about the hypothetical resurrection of the MR2 model – the car stopped being produced in 2007.

When asked about the automaker he would like to work with to create a fourth-generation sports car, he pointed to a Porsche.

Nevertheless, we cannot be 100% sure that Mr. Tada was really serious, or he was only joking. On the other hand, given the willingness of Toyota to join forces with other manufacturers to reduce costs and accelerate the development of sports cars, this possibility is not excluded.