New Toyota Mirai spotted in Los Angeles

New Toyota Mirai spotted in Los Angeles

June 10, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The production model, hidden by camouflage film, is very similar to the Mirai concept car.

Toyota Mirai has one of the most polarizing designs, and the fact that it is a hydrogen-fueled car (FCV) does not make it more down to earth. Despite the fact that the word “mirai” in Japanese means “future”, the current “user” of FCV looks like it was inspired by some ancient creature. Fortunately, Toyota provides the futuristic hydrogen-powered car with a complete redesign as envisioned by the Mirai concept, similar to the Lexus 2021 model year. And now there is evidence that the production model will be closely linked to the stunning style of this car.

The other day, photo spies noticed how a disguised Toyota-style car was driving through downtown Los Angeles. By comparing the photos with the images of the Toyota Mirai 2021 concept, you can make sure that it is ready for production Mirai.

According to the journalist’s description, the test mule is comparable in size to Toyota Avalon, but with a steeper roof line, similar to the Mirai concept. The front also looks long and low, as it was with the concept, and blends in with other Mirai elements, such as narrow long taillights; triangulated face stampings and multi-spoke wheels of “turbine type”. This is good news, since none of these options is similar to the outgoing Mirai, but it is very reminiscent of an attractive show car.

With the new Mirai, Toyota has the chance to draw more attention to fuel cell technology. This is important because the automaker believes that this technology will one day become as commonplace as today’s hybrids, although due to the limited hydrogen refueling infrastructure and cost of the technology, FCVs are not likely to become mass in the near future.

Toyota said the production of a fuel cell sedan will begin in late 2020, although this was announced before the current health crisis caused global production to temporarily stop. We turned to Toyota for comments regarding possible delays, and they said that they would not be there. The Mirai is still slated for release at the end of this year, and now we have an even better idea of ​​how close the production version is to this magnificent concept car.