New Toyota GR Yaris hatchback goes on sale

New Toyota GR Yaris hatchback goes on sale

June 2, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The “charged” car received three different modifications. According to the developers, they managed to create one of the best Toyota control cars.

Toyota has begun accepting orders for the new GR Yaris hatchback. Orders are accepted online in Japan and Europe. On the morning of June 2, a preliminary application was issued by 6 thousand people. The new GR Yaris received three different modifications – the standard RZ, focused on the RC racing track, as well as the RS, which turned out to be the best in terms of handling. Sales of the RC version will begin only in September this year.

Toyota very responsibly approached the process of creating a new car – professional rally pilots were invited to design at the very early stages. All this allowed to make the car excellent in driving on various types of road surfaces. The new GR Yaris turned out to be very lightweight due to the use of aluminum in the manufacture of the hood, trunk door and side doors. And the top of the GR Yaris was equipped with a carbon fiber panel. All this gave the car excellent aerodynamics.

One of the main tasks of the engineers was to set up and search for the balance of the front and rear suspension for better control of the car even in the most difficult conditions. According to the first tests, it became clear that we were able to cope with the task “perfectly”. GR Yaris production has been launched at the Toyota Motomachi factory, which has gained extensive experience in assembling sports cars.