New Tesla Model Y lost its glass roof on the move

New Tesla Model Y lost its glass roof on the move

October 6, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

All that the new happy owner had time to hear was a strong wind noise: just a few seconds after the start of the movement, the glass roof of the Tesla Model Y simply blew off.

On September 15, it became known that some Model Xs are losing part of the roof due to poor-quality adhesive bonding. We hoped that Tesla strengthened quality control and resolved this issue once and for all, but this turned out to be far from the case, and the situation repeated itself with Model Y. Immediately after the purchase, one of the crossovers became a convertible, because in the first seconds after the start of movement “The whole glass roof was simply blown off.”

According to the owner of the car, everything happened a minute after the passengers of the electric crossover heard a strong wind noise, as if they were driving on an expressway with an open window. After a brief panic, they alerted the Highway Patrol and took the roof back to the Tesla dealership, from where they took the purchased car just a few minutes ago.

When the owner returned to the showroom, the manager sent the car for diagnostics to find out what was the real reason for this development of the plot: “either the roof was defective, or the plant simply forgot to glue the roof.”

In fact, it is possible that these problems are related to the company’s desire to produce more cars by the end of each quarter to break new records. If so, big numbers might be good for shareholders but bad for consumers if they imply build quality issues.