New Tesla electric car boasts 1,000 km of power reserve

New Tesla electric car boasts 1,000 km of power reserve

December 12, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

During the debut of the Tesla Cybertruck pickup truck, the manufacturer said that in the maximum version, the novelty can travel up to 800 km. But it seems that the figure was somewhat underestimated.

A photo was posted on Tesla Cybertruck’s twitter account, which shows a pickup screen that serves both as a dashboard and a multimedia screen. And here’s an interesting detail that catches your eye: the Cybertruck’s remaining power reserve on the display when the battery is fully charged is indicated at 620 miles, that is, about 992 kilometers.

Confirming this figure is still difficult, since the Tesla pickup truck currently exists in the form of a prototype, but it must be said that earlier the head of the company, Elon Musk, announced that their electric cars will be able to travel 1000 kilometers or more on a single charge. Moreover, if it turned out to be autonomy of 800 km, then why not “reach” it to the psychological mark of 1000 km? This is sure to add “extra” customers.

One way or another, but the Tesla Cybertruck pickup is in any case a very “long-range” car. Recall that the car was presented in three versions: Single Motor RWD (single-engine), Dual Motor AWD (twin-engine) and Tri-Motor AWD (three-engine). Their power reserve is 400, 480 and 800 km, respectively.

Production of Tesla Cybertruck starts next year.