New Tesla autopilot will be ready in six months

New Tesla autopilot will be ready in six months

October 18, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The company continues to improve its core technology to make it more productive. Elon Musk says that a new processor will appear in all new Tesla machines in six months.

Information about the developments was confirmed by the CEO himself on Twitter. The changes did not affect the sensors feeding this system. It is about replacing the autopilot computer.

Musk claims that the new chip will improve system performance from 500 to 2000%.

New cars will already have an updated autopilot, and those buyers that have already ordered electric cars in the maximum configuration, will be able to replace the chip for free at the dealership. Customers of standard Tesla cars will have to pay $ 5,000 for its installation.

More detailed information on improvements related to future technology is likely to appear a little later. It is assumed that this will happen as soon as the first ready-made samples with a modified autopilot processor come off the conveyor.

And more provocative news has recently appeared that Tesla will start producing tequila under the Teslaquila brand.