New Suzuki Jimny failed maneuverability test

New Suzuki Jimny failed maneuverability test

February 18, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Suzuki Jimny has many strengths that have been repeatedly demonstrated at various off-road races. However, on the road, the compact SUV predictably was not the fastest and maneuverable. The so-called “moose test” car failed.

The fact is that the Jimny, like most SUVs, such as, for example, the Jeep Wrangler, has a less responsive steering system, which is designed to be more deliberate in order to improve handling when the SUV slowly crawls outside public roads. In this case, the steering may react too sharply, due to which the driver will incorrectly enter the turn or inaccurately bypass the obstacle.

In addition, Jimny has a high center of gravity, because of what he needs less responsive steering, so as not to roll over at high speeds.

However, in the “moose test” one thing is required from the driver and steering control – the speed of reaction. Suzuki Jimny remains manageable only at speeds of up to 60-65 km / h, at higher speeds it becomes unstable and difficult to control. At best, Jimny will be able to bypass the moose at a speed of 68 km / h. For comparison, the Audi Q8 did it at 79 km / h.

The only thing that can keep him on the road in this case is an experienced driver and driver assistance systems such as a roll-over prevention system and stability control.