New SUV from the brand that copied Evoque and Xray: now in the style of Baojun and Hyundai

New SUV from the brand that copied Evoque and Xray: now in the style of Baojun and Hyundai

August 6, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The Landwind brand is a joint project of Changan and Jiangling. The brand gained fame by releasing the X7 crossover in 2015, which turned out to be an almost exact copy of the Range Rover Evoque. In 2017, the Chinese SUV was updated, similarities with the British car became less, but finally it still did not disappear.

Not so long ago, the brand brought two more crosses to the home market, again “on motives”: Landwind Xiaoyao looks like a Mercedes-Benz GLA. Another SUV is being prepared for the premiere – patent images of this model appeared in May 2018, now Chinese media distributed photos from the tests of the car.

The exterior of the next SUV is made in a new style, now it is a kind of “mix”: the cross received a two-tiered optics, like the Hyundai Santa Fe “last generation”, Baojun 510 and Baojun 530 (joint GM and SAIC), as well as a radiator grille, as in the restyling Ford EcoSport. The stern and interior of the Landwind novelty seems to have turned out to be original.

Information on the engines of the crossover yet. It is possible that the novelty will be offered with engines, which are now equipped with other models Landwind. So, the updated X7 is available with a petrol turbo four 1.5 GTDI with a power of 163 hp (own development of the manufacturer), the same engine is equipped and Landwind Xiaoyao. For the last cross, there is still a licensed turbocharged Mitsubishi 1.5 (150 hp). Landwind X2 can be bought with a 125-hp atmospheric 1.6 from Changan (this cross is built on the basis of Changan CS35). Drive for all listed SUVs Landwind – only the front. The new crossover all-wheel drive is also likely not to get.

According to preliminary data, the Landwind novelty will be released to the Chinese market next year. By the way, in the homeland the sales of the brand are falling: if in 2016 80 002 cars were sold, then last year – only 42 544 units. In 2018, demand continues to decline: in January-May dealers sold 9,439 Landwind vehicles, while in the first five months of the past year, 18,500 vehicles were sold.