New Subaru mid-engined car

New Subaru mid-engined car

September 29, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

We sincerely want to believe that, nevertheless, the leadership of the Japanese brand “will give the go-ahead” for the creation of a new model of a sports car with an average power unit layout. Apparently, sports cars with an average engine location are beginning to gain popularity.

In the distant 2016, rumors began that the Japanese automaker Subaru was going to create a new sports car with an average power plant layout. However, in a couple of weeks, the official representatives of the brand told that this will not happen.

Now the news about the creation of a similar car by Subaru company began to appear again – according to the Japanese magazine Best Car, the journalists of which refer not to their own proven sources in the brand, yet Subaru management intends to create such a car.

According to the received data, the new sports car, apparently, will receive a powerful gasoline engine with a turbo-supercharging, which will work with 2 electric motors. Located all the power plants (there will be 3 of them all) will be in the center of the car. If the torque from the ICE will be transmitted to the rear axle, the electric motors will turn the front wheels, so the Japanese innovation should get the all-wheel drive system. The total capacity of the new sports car will be about 330 horsepower. It is expected that the car will become a plug-in hybrid. It is also reported that in the new model will be implemented the function of vectorization of torque.

While the Japanese Subaru has not yet decided on whether it will create a new mid-engined sports car, Hyundai has been testing these models for several years. It is known about three prototypes – RM14, RM15 and RM16 N, with figures indicating the year of their possible debut. In a recent interview, representatives of the sports division of Hyundai N said that the development of a completely new member of a high-performance family has already begun and most likely the car will receive the body type of the coupe.

Finally we want to note that the German company Alpine and American Chevy also create mid-engine models A110 and Corvette C8, respectively. Apparently, sports cars with an average engine location are beginning to gain popularity.