New Subaru Forester e-Boxer

July 2, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The first hybrid Subaru Forester, designed to help the company avoid a fuel scandal, spends 1.5 liters less gasoline in the city than the usual version of the new Forester.

July 17 to Japanese dealers Subaru receive crossovers Forester fifth generation. At home, this compact crossover is presented in two versions. Performance with a 2.5-liter engine and a variator already debuted at the Auto Show in New York this spring, but the assisting hybrid with a 2.0-liter petrol engine has not yet been shown to foreigners. According to the new president of Subaru Corporation, Tomomi Nakamura, who took up his duties on June 22, 2018, the hybrid version of the Forester e-Boxer should “restore the lost trust of customers to the brand” and “help Subaru dealers” achieve the previous sales volumes. Recall that the previous president of Subaru Corporation lost his job just because of a scandal with the certification of cars and the subsequent decline in sales.

According to last year’s submissions by Subaru itself, the “auxiliary personnel”, who was responsible for meeting the conditions in the test factory laboratory, for many years “did not pay attention” to some indicators that affect the results of fuel consumption and harmful emissions. First of all, we are talking about air humidity, which is strictly regulated by the Ministry of Transport in Japan during bench tests of cars. On the one hand, it was the reason for the mass recall of cars in Japan: according to Automotive News, about 400 thousand cars fell on the stock, on the other – sales fell. However, to a full-fledged “gasoline”, similar to what happened recently with Mitsubishi, and after which Mitsu became part of the alliance Renault-Nissan, Subaru is unlikely to reach.[IP]&ua=[UA]&domain=[DOMAIN]&page=[PAGE]&secure=[SECURE]&language=[BROWSER_LANGUAGE]&bidfloor=[BIDFLOOR]&gdpr_consent=[GDPR_CONSENT]

According to the results of the first quarter, the demand for Subaru cars in Japan fell by 14.9%, while the entire market for new cars fell by 2.3%. Of the top ten brands fell: Toyota (-2.3%, 1 seat, 419,203 units), Nissan (-3.2%, 206,183, 3rd place), Isuzu (-14.8%, 9th place , 21 383 pcs.). From January to March, Subaru dealers managed to sell 45,867 cars – this is the seventh place. Meanwhile, the drop in demand is partly due to both the anticipation of the new Forester generation and successful sales last year, which, as the Impreza launched, jumped as much as 13.5%!

Interestingly, at the moment, management of Subaru has no plans to sell the Forester e-Boxer on foreign markets. Experts Automotive News believe that the only exception may be China. But US buyers, where Subaru sells about 65% of its products, are likely to happily do without the “green Forester”. Recall, at one time there was introduced a hybrid version of Crosstreck with a nickel-metal hydride battery from Panasonic, however, it was not a great success.

In addition, the segment of assistive hybrids in the US in recent years has generally fallen dramatically. The year 2018 was not an exception: in the first four months of sales of this kind of “greenery” sank by 11.6%, and the leader – Toyota Prius and at all collapsed by 26.8%. Meanwhile, in the homeland the unfading “Prius” continues to show excellent results. In the first quarter of 2018, it retained the status of the second car of the entire Japanese market (36,496 units), losing only Nissan Note (45,569 units). Interestingly, in third place was another Toyota’s hybrid – a subcompact hatchback Aqua (34 686 units).

Let’s return to the Forester. There is another reason why the hybrid Subaru Forester is unlikely to reach the US. The fact is that, according to the expectations of the Subaru engineers themselves, for the ocean, the Forester e-Boxer can be certified by EPA specialists at a cost of about 33 miles per gallon, while the usual “Forester” with a 2.5-liter engine waiting for certification can show the mileage based on … 34 miles on one gallon! The question is, why do Americans need a weaker version with the same expense …

The Japanese consumer site of the company presents the results of certification on the WLTC cycle (it replaced the European NEDC). In the city, the hybrid Subaru Forester e-Boxer consumes 8.9 l / 100 km, on the highway – 6.25 l / 100 km, in the mixed cycle – 7.0 l / 100 km. Like all assistive hybrids, Forester e-Boxer gives the most tangible savings in the city – at 1.5 l / 100 km. In comparison with the usual Forester – only 10%, not so much. However, it is for the sake of this difference that the efficient Japanese jumped on the Forester e-Boxer: according to Subaru, more than 40% of the home pre-orders had to be just for the green version. In this sense, for the market success of the Subaru Forester e-Boxer, you do not have to worry.

As for the Subaru Forester e-Boxer design: an assisting motor that allows the car to travel a kilometer or so is located between the gearbox and the clutch that takes power to the rear wheels. A high-voltage battery is placed above the rear axle with a slight shift to the rear overhang. The power of the 2.0-liter engine is 145 hp (188 Nm), when overclocked it will be assisted by an electric motor of 13.5 liters