New studies have shown that diesel is still cleaner that electric cars

New studies have shown that diesel is still cleaner that electric cars

October 17, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Bloomberg published a new study on behalf of advisers on Beryls strategy, from which it followed that modern electric cars pollute the environment of more diesel cars.

Since many automakers that matter, have announced large-scale plans for full electrification, or hybridization of their models, factories producing electric cars are working in overdrive, trying to keep up with demand.

According to data compiled by Bloomberg New Energy Finance, by 2021 about 10 million 60 kWh batteries will be produced, most of which were produced in China, Thailand or Germany. But coal is most often used to produce electricity.

Beryls says that in Germany 74% more C02 comes from the production of batteries than from the assembly of a conventional fossil-fuel-fueled car. A German car with fossil fuels will have to drive for about three years, or 50,000 km, before catching up with the levels of emissions from the production and operation of Nissan Leaf.

But experts assure that with the development of technology, the actual numbers will change their relevance sooner or later, but the dates are not reported yet.

We also note that in the run-up to the American market of the first electric car Porsche Taycan, the concern “pleased” official dealers in the United States with the need to install charging stations worth 300-400 thousand dollars at their own expense.