New Skoda Fabia is being prepared for the world rally-cross

New Skoda Fabia is being prepared for the world rally-cross

August 19, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Next year Skoda Fabia Supercar will break into the world rally-cross. How successful the debut of the model in WorldRX will be is difficult to predict. However, on the tests, the advanced Skoda Fabia behaves with dignity.

Skoda Fabia Supercar will perform in WorldRX in the coming season. For races in the popular rally-cross debutant is prepared by Lithuanian riders. The detachment of ES Motorsport has got used to act in a rally-cross-country with hatchback Volkswagen Polo, specially prepared for class Super1600. The owner of the team Ernestas Staponkus managed the role of the pilot. He also became the author of the initiative in 2019 to prepare a fundamentally different car for the Supercar class.

It is known that the basis for the rally cars will be taken by the Fabia R5, the pair for the hatchback will be the engine from Oreca.

The latest tests, held at the Vaison Sport training ground in France, showed that the rally Fabia with loads copes, even despite the 35-degree heat. During the two days of testing, there were no problems that are often encountered during the first “exam” races.

A full test drive for the new Skoda Fabia will take place in mid-September. It is expected that behind the wheel of the car will sit rider with a world name. About which of the pilots in question – the intrigue, which holds the Lithuanians. It’s interesting that another Lithuanian racer Nyyus Nayokaitis also planned to perform in the World RX-2017 with the same hatchback, but he did not go further than the home stage.

Recall previously reported that the company Skoda revealed popular hatchback and wagon Fabia 2019 model year.