New Shelby GT refreshed the exterior and added power

New Shelby GT refreshed the exterior and added power

August 18, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Shelby American prepared a new revision program for the Ford Mustang.

The new Shelby GT uses the Mustang GT as a donor in both versions – a fastback and a convertible. Recall, the GT version is equipped with a five-liter V8, which in the base version with the support of the Katbak exhaust system Borla produces 480 hp.

To improve handling, the car was equipped with springs and stabilizers from the Ford Performance catalog. Muscle car is available with both a mechanical and an automatic transmission. In the future, an optional supercharger will be offered, with which the recoil will increase to 700 hp.

Visually, the Shelby GT features a new ventilated bonnet, radiator grille and larger thresholds. On the stern there is a spoiler lip and a back panel of Shelby. On the central part of the whole body pass two strips, one more is applied on the bottom of the door. The car is equipped with large 20-inch wheels, shod in high-performance rubber.

There is also an optional GT-H package with which the car acquires some of the features of Shelby Mustang cars available for rent at Hertz – a black or white body with gold strips in both cases. Similar wheels are available as an option. Package GT-H offers a more aggressive design of the bottom of the front, includes front struts and rear shock absorbers from the Ford Performance catalog. There are also highlighted thresholds and branded rugs with embroidery GT-H.

Shelby also offers an optional Heavy Duty Package with a more efficient radiator, a coolant tank, other semi-axles and wheel bolts.

The starting price tag of Shelby GT is $ 61,345 – for this money the buyer will receive an upgraded Mustang with a manual transmission. With the GT-H package, the price tag is increased to 66,345 dollars. Receiving orders for the new Shelby GT starts on August 20 with some Ford dealers in the US and official distributors around the world.

Note, Ford Mustang is popular in the US – in 2017, the owners of this car were 81 866 people, and for seven months of this year the sales volume of the model was 48 362 units. For comparison, the Chevrolet Camaro last year sold in the amount of 67,940 cars, and the Dodge Challenger – 64,537 copies.

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