New serial crossover MG revealed before the premiere

New serial crossover MG revealed before the premiere

June 20, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The flagship SUV of the brand, which belongs to the Chinese concern SAIC, will be offered with two engines.

The Ministry of Industry of China has photos of the new crossover MG. The images captured a model, the forerunner of which is the concept X-motion – the brand introduced in April this year at the Beijing Motor Show. With the name of the commodity model, there is no certainty yet: on one of the images on the stern are the letters HX, on the other – HS. Most likely, the cross will sell under the last index: in the MG lineup today there are two SUVs, the names of which end in “S” – GS and ZS.

It was assumed that the cross will be built on the basis of a frame SUV Roewe RX8 which is a “relative” of the Maxus D90 (like the MG, Roewe and Maxus also belong to the SAIC concern). However, some Chinese media claim that the Roewe RX5 crossover was the “donor” for the new SUV MG. And the RX5, in turn, is based on the same platform with a multi-link rear suspension as the MG GS.

In terms of its dimensions, the new SUV is still closer to the RX5: the length of the MG novelty is 4 574 mm (29 mm larger than the supposed “donor”), the width is 1,876 mm (+ 21 mm in comparison with the RX5), the height – 1 664 mm (-55 mm), wheelbase – 2,720 mm (+20 mm). For comparison, the dimensions of the Roewe RX8: 4 923/1 930/1 840 mm, the distance between the axes is 2,850 mm. The latest model is available with a seven-seater saloon, while the RX5 and cross MG have only five-seat performances.

According to the document published on the Ministry’s website, in China, a new MG crossover will be available with petrol turbo four 1.5 (model 15E4E) and 2.0 (20L4E) with a capacity of 169 and 231 hp respectively. The same motors are equipped with Roewe RX5. True, if the half-liter engine has the same efficiency, then the two-liter engine on the RX5 produces 220 hp. On the boxes of the MG model, there is no information yet. Cross Roewe with a basic engine is equipped with a six-speed manual or seven-speed preselective automatic transmission, such machines are only available with a front-wheel drive. RX5 with motor 2.0 is laid six-speed automatic transmission, the model with this engine has a version with a transmission with a multi-disk clutch connecting the rear axle. The SUV Roewe RX8 is offered with a 224-horsepower turbo engine 2.0 and 6KPP, with a rear or four-wheel drive. By the way, the RX5 also has an electric version – probably later this option will get a cross MG.

The official premiere of the new MG crossover can be held in China tomorrow, June 20. It is expected that the novelty will be the most expensive model in the SUV line of the brand. While the role of the flagship crossover MG is performed by GS, which in China will cost at least 98,800 yuan. Crossover Roewe RX5 costs from 99,800 yuan, RX8 – from 168,800 yuan.