New Rolls-Royce Ghost gets starlight on dash

New Rolls-Royce Ghost gets starlight on dash

August 25, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The new generation of the British luxury sedan Rolls-Royce Ghost will be unveiled very soon. One of the chips will be the presence on the front panel of the inscription Ghost, which will be surrounded by more than 850 “stars”, the glow of which imitates 150 LEDs.

Rolls-Royce has found a way to make the interior of the new Rolls-Royce Ghost even more glamorous. Thanks to the new feature, which has received the bombastic name “Illuminated Fascia”, the word Ghost will be on the front of the novelty, surrounded by more than 850 “stars”, which are LEDs. Significantly, this undeniably eye-catching feature took over two years and over 100,000 collective hours to develop, resulting in a brilliant passenger-side dashboard that no other car in the world has.

Rolls-Royce used no fewer than 152 LEDs to illuminate the lettering and the adjacent “constellation”.

They remain completely invisible when the car is not moving and when the ignition is not turned on. Ghost and stars glow evenly after using the 2mm rail with over 90,000 laser points on its surface.

A prestigious brand from the UK claims that this technology was developed not only to diffuse light evenly, but also to create a shimmery effect as your gaze moves across the face of the bezel. This was done in order to reproduce a similar effect to the Starlight headliner, where the leather in the headliner has 800 to 1600 holes into which Rolls-Royce inserts fiber optic lamps.

The dashboard on the passenger side uses three layers of composite material, starting with the Piano Black shade, which is laser engraved to get rid of the blacks and therefore allow light to pass through the word Ghost and the constellation of stars. Then a layer of darker paint is added to hide the decal when the car is turned off. Rolls-Royce seals the faceplate with a discreetly tinted layer of varnish, which is hand painted to a glossy 0.5mm thickness.

Rolls-Royce has officially announced that the world premiere of the new generation of the Ghost sedan will take place in a week, starting today, on September 1st.

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