New Rolls-Royce dedicated to Czechoslovak heroes

New Rolls-Royce dedicated to Czechoslovak heroes

October 28, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

By order of one of the clients, Rolls-Royce created the Dawn cabriolet in a special version dedicated to the memory of the Czechoslovak pilots of World War II, who flew in the 312nd and 313rd Czechoslovak squadrons. A luxury car, issued in a single copy, should remind of the heroism and merits of volunteer aviators.

The body of Rolls-Royce Dawn is painted in a delicate gray tint: the same color was worn on the cover of Spitfire combat fighters, on which military pilots “cut” the sky. On the headrests of the first row, the designers placed the embroidery in the form of the emblem of the 313rd squadron, and on the second row there is an icon of the 312nd division.

On the inner door panels there was a place for chrome lining with the slogans of the air forces. From the driver’s side, the words Jeden Jestráb Mnoho Vran Rozhán are engraved, which translates as “One eagle will chase away many crows”. They belong to the 313rd Squadron. And on the passenger side, the glory of Non Multi Sed Multa, which the pilots of the 312 squadron pronounced before the battle, flaunted. They mean “Not much, but much.” Between the backs of the rear, the artists placed an image of the Rolls-Royce Merlin aviation engine, made according to old drawings. These engines were equipped with military aircraft.

The image is completed by elements of wood, which harmoniously complement other materials in bright colors in the decoration.