New Porsche for 150,000 euros crashed in a few seconds

New Porsche for 150,000 euros crashed in a few seconds

October 19, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The electric Porsche Taycan Turbo costs 150,000 euros, but even such a high-tech car is not immune from driver stupidity

Unusual Accident – New Porsche Taycan High Speed ​​Turbone Bounces Off The Road. Perhaps not so unusual though – a powerful electric car, a straight track and smooth road surface, a reckless driver. The “mixture” is frightening – let’s watch!

What’s on the video? The video starts from the moment the movement starts. The Porsche Taycan began dynamic acceleration with a very characteristic impulse and whistle in the background of “mechanical silence”. The video is accompanied by enthusiastic exclamations from the driver, so don’t be alarmed.

In a few seconds, the speed on the digital speedometer reached almost 200 km / h. And ahead there was a turn at a roundabout … The “Racer” behind the wheel simply did not have time to slow down and change direction correctly – the laws of physics are very insidious if you try to argue with them.

As a result, we heard even more screams (not so enthusiastic), a crunch and numerous creaks, we saw a damaged lawn and a broken stone sidewalk. The electric Porsche Taycan Turbo suffered a bumper damage and most likely a broken suspension.

The accident happened in Turkey. At the moment, it is not known who was driving – the owner of the car or the electric car was simply taken for a test drive from a local dealer. In any case, repairs will not be cheap.