New Porsche 911 will receive a fingerprint of its owner

New Porsche 911 will receive a fingerprint of its owner

February 25, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The German automaker is practicing a new way to personalize its sports cars.

Porsche figured out how to “pump” its sports cars in an original way. The brand offers customers to apply a car fingerprint on the hood cover. Over time, the German automaker plans to expand the list of available “personalized” images. The drawing is applied to the bodywork using special direct printing technology. It was developed by the specialists of the painting workshop at the Porsche training center in Zuffenhausen, Germany.

 With its help, it is possible to achieve maximum detail of the picture, which cannot be guaranteed by traditional coloring.

 The process of applying a personalized image cannot be called simple, despite the automation. To achieve the desired result, Porsche engineers had to coordinate the work of three systems at once: robotics, painting and applying a coloring element.

 Before starting work, specialists remove the hood, and the biometric data of the client is processed in a special way to exclude their illegal use. After that, the robot transfers the picture to the selected part. The finishing touches are a varnish coat and a final polish.