New Porsche 911 Safari prototype spotted on tests

New Porsche 911 Safari prototype spotted on tests

January 28, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

Identifying each 911 version can take a long time, as Porsche has a wide range of model versions, each designed for a specific purpose.

As you know, the Porsche 911 lineup will be joined by a hybrid version, but it looks like there is another option in development – the Safari.

Photo spies first spotted the high-performance Porsche 911 back in October, and now the lenses have caught another prototype from Zuffenhausen with a raised suspension. Apart from the obvious increase in ground clearance, the test car received more powerful wheel arches, possibly for a wider track. Up front, it looks like Porsche has redesigned the bumper to improve the approach angle.

Porsche last launched a Safari-style 911 in 2012, and the car was re-introduced last November. It was a steerable prototype with powerful wheel arches and a raised suspension. It even had a roof light bar and massive bumpers to enhance the “off-road” feel. The interior has been trimmed down to the bare essentials, with bucket seats and a roll cage.

A direct successor to the 2012 911 Safari is expected to be commercially available. Porsche is testing prototypes in the same vein it evaluates the upcoming GT3 or Turbo S that came before it. At the moment, it is unclear whether the car will become a permanent “member” of the lineup or will be produced in limited editions with the corresponding price.

Singer developed a Porsche 911 SUV with replicas of the 953 and 959. The ACS model, dedicated to the Dakar rally, was ordered by a wealthy customer who also ordered a second car for “high-speed racing with good traction.” The incredibly flamboyant creation of Singer, together with numerous aftermarket packages, demonstrates a clear demand for a versatile version of the iconic sports car. Needless to say, Porsche wants to grab a piece of the pie.