New Pontiac Firebird Trans Am unveiled in Los Angeles

New Pontiac Firebird Trans Am unveiled in Los Angeles

November 24, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Pontiac Firebird Trans Am is perhaps one of the legendary and recognizable models, which has unique features and has been produced since 2000.

In the movie, Pontiac Firebird Trans Am was called KITT. It was the “Knight of Roads” who glorified the car and made it recognizable. The model could not only drive itself like on cruise control and accelerate right up to 480 km / h, but it was also equipped with a bunch of weapons and had a good sense of humor, often joking with the owner. The highlight of the cinema sample was an elongated nose, in which a red scanner was built – it was he who was the eyes and the scent of the car.

The Pontiac Trans Am 2020 is just one model from a wide range of Trans Am special versions. All cars have common design features. Moreover, Pontiac will release only 77 copies of the model. In this modification, the steering system of the car is improved, the ground clearance is slightly reduced, the power plant is modified. Plus, Trans Am was also different in appearance: functional air intakes on the hood, fog lights, rims – these are the main external distinguishing features of this modification.

The 2020 Pontiac Trans Am Am ​​is a high-performance convertible. The car even appeared some features of the legendary design of the 70s. However, the car also resembles a Chevrolet Camaro, which is not surprising, because the automakers have been cooperating for a long time.

Technical specifications of the new model have not yet been disclosed. Probably, under the hood there will be a standard for the Pontiac Firebird V8 with a return of about 330 hp. An electrified power plant, based on the V6, would have looked much more attractive.