New Peugeot pickup will be a “clone” of the Chinese Changan F70

New Peugeot pickup will be a “clone” of the Chinese Changan F70

May 26, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Chinese auto giant Changan is preparing for the premiere of its new pickup, in the creation of which took part the French concern PSA. This novelty will have a “twin” with the Peugeot logo.

Back in 2017, the media wrote that the Chinese Changan and the French concern PSA had planned to work together on a new pickup truck. First, the Chinese model will be released, and later a similar car will appear under the Peugeot brand. It is known that the pickup truck from Changan will bear the name Kaicene F70 (Kaicene is a new subbrand of the Chinese auto giant). The first official information about the new product appeared at the end of 2018 with the filing of the Chinese Ministry of Industry. Now the manufacturer has published the official images of the serial truck.

Pickup F70 will receive a massive grille with black matte inserts and chrome stripes, “grown up” bumpers with silver protective lining, as well as stylish optics with an original pattern.

 It is reported that a similar design (with minor adjustments) will receive a global Peugeot pickup. But the interior design of two pickups is identical. Both cars will get an interior in the spirit of the French brand: a “truncated” steering wheel, multimedia with a “floating” touchscreen, and two rows of buttons will be placed under the climate control unit.

 According to Chinese media, the F70 will be equipped with a 2.5 liter Isuzu turbodiesel. The specific power of the power unit has not yet been announced. The drive can be either rear or full. But Peugeot pickup, according to autoexpert forecasts, will get its own engine range with engines from PSA. Changan F70 will appear in China this year, about the possible export markets is not reported. Peugeot pickup will be presented only in the 2020th.