New Nissan Patrol noticed on the road

New Nissan Patrol noticed on the road

May 8, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The car is being tested in the Middle East – one of the main markets for this SUV. The release of the car on sale is expected not earlier than 2021, although it can already provide a finished sample in 2020.

Patrol is one of the most famous and respected Nissan SUVs. In the current generation, he moved away from the off-road image a bit, taking a course on comfort and equipment, but next, apparently, he will return to basics, focusing on the balance of qualities inherent in this SUV and modern cars for the city.

From the new Patrol do not expect technical revelations: there is no evidence that the company says a hybrid or another form of electrification. The main engine will remain the gasoline 5.6-liter V8, but it will be upgraded to improve efficiency. The company also announced its readiness to release a version with V6, but did not specify whether this engine will be equipped with a turbocharger or not.

The lack of desire on the part of the automaker to electrify Patrol, is simply explained. The main markets for this model remain the countries of the Middle East and to a lesser extent the United States (where this car is called Armada). Features of the demand for SUVs in these markets are such that hybrids are not at all in priority. In addition, electrification will require an increase in the mass of an already heavy car, which will not be reflected in many of its indicators in the best way. However, to completely exclude the possibility of the emergence of a hybrid Patrol is not worth it, this version can be useful if Nissan plans to strengthen the position of the SUV in other markets.

It is difficult to talk about the details of the design due to the low quality of images and masking, but for sure new photos of Patrol will appear in the near future.