New Nikola Badger pickup truck available for order

New Nikola Badger pickup truck available for order

June 9, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The CEO of the company announced on his Twitter about the launch of prima pre-orders in June 29.

Recall that for the first time information on the new Nikola Badger pickup truck appeared in February of this year. However, now, according to Twitter brand CEO Trevor Milton, pre-orders for the electric pickup will be accepted as early as June 29th.

In addition, on June 29, the automaker will announce the date of its annual Nikola World event. It is reported that those customers who make an advance payment for the model will receive the first tickets to the event, where the pickup will be the world premiere.

“You will see a really working truck, not a fake show truck. Expect stamped metal panels, a working salon with heating, ventilation and air conditioning, 4×4, etc., ”wrote Milton.

According to company representatives, the electric version of the Badger will have a cruising range of 483 km, while the hybrid version with a fuel cell can travel about 965 km.

What sets it apart from the rest of electrified pickups is that if the owner purchases a battery-only version, he can later upgrade and add a fuel cell system to his car.

The company also replied that Nikola Badger will give out 906 horsepower and 1328 Nm of torque. It will be equipped with a 160.0 kWh battery and an additional 120.0 kW fuel cell.

Five people can be accommodated in the pickup saloon, and there is also a 15 kW power outlet for connecting tools or camping equipment.