New modification of Nissan Note

New modification of Nissan Note

November 2, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

It is intended for the Japanese market and is called V-Selection. Features of the version – improvements in equipment while maintaining the cost at a minimum level.

V-Selection will be offered for three modifications of the Nissan Note – gasoline, hybrid e-POWER, as well as for e-POWER Four with the original all-wheel drive scheme.

V-Selection has a number of improvements – automatic air conditioning instead of standard manual control, preparation for installing proprietary navigation with a block of control keys on the steering wheel, heated side mirrors. An external thermometer with a readout on the climate control unit is standard. Also, the car will receive a “smart” rear-view mirror with the function of displaying a picture of the system of all-round visibility (AVM). The Around View Monitor Display Function system itself has been improved – it received the function of detecting moving objects and warning the driver about them. The e-POWER XV-Selection and e-POWER X FOUR V-Selection versions feature fully LED headlights.

Gasoline versions of the Nissan Note in Japan are equipped with a 3-cylinder 1.2-liter engine in combination with a CVT and only front-wheel drive. In e-POWER variants, the gasoline engine acts as a generator to charge the batteries of the electric motor, which serves as a source of movement for the car. In the e-POWER Four version, an additional electric motor is installed to implement the all-wheel drive circuit. Transmission in e-POWER – variator.

Nissan emphasizes that one of the advantages of buying a V-Selection is the ability to obtain additional equipment at the lowest price. In Japan, the cost of gasoline Note V-Selection is 1,579,600 yen, hybrid e-POWER V-Selection – 2,196,700 – 2,416,700 yen.