New model Bugatti: fin and lights the entire width of the body

New model Bugatti: fin and lights the entire width of the body

February 28, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Bugatti video showed a modern interpretation of the rare pre-war coupe 57 SC Atlantic. According to rumors, the car was built in a single copy for the former head of Volkswagen Ferdinand Piha, and its cost is 16 million euros.

Previously, the company published a post in social networks that asked the question: is it possible to transform the coupe design language to the requirements of the 21st century? Now it became known that the car will receive taillights in the entire width of the body, as, for example, in Chiron, and the central “fin” characteristic of the model.

It is not clear how the designers adapt the style of the 57 SC Atlantic to the mid-engine layout of the Chiron. After all, according to rumors, it was he who would form the basis of a unique car. Alternatively, the Bugatti can borrow the platform from the Volkswagen group or produce a hypercar with an original, but still not so different from the donor body.

A total of four copies of the Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantis were released, but only three remained. In 2010, one of the “Atlantic” was sold at auction for $ 30 million.