New Mobile Home Advanced RV Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

New Mobile Home Advanced RV Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

August 24, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

A cozy motor home was prepared by travel enthusiasts at Mercedes-Benz.

The novelty is built on the basis of the well-known Sprinter model and outwardly practically does not differ from it. The Advanced RV Mercedes-Benz Sprinter can only be identified by the disks with a new style and compartments for refueling drinking water supplies.

Under the hood, Advanced RV installed a 3 liter diesel engine equipped with a turbocharger. As the transmission used a 7-speed automatic transmission.

As with any motor home, the main changes are of course awaiting inside the car. Here, manufacturers took care of comfort and provided the novelty with everything necessary. For a comfortable rest and sleep, a folding sofa with electric drive is provided. The improvised kitchen includes a sink, fridge and microwave. And for the convenience of storing things and kitchen accessories, designers have provided several cabinets painted in bright green color.

You can control the lighting, temperature in the room and other functions using one touch panel.

The driver’s area also did not go unnoticed. Comfortable leather chairs with electric adjustments and a multifunctional multimedia system were installed here. The cost of such a house Mercedes-Benz estimates at 328 thousand dollars.