New Mini electric models will begin to assemble in China

New Mini electric models will begin to assemble in China

November 30, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Production will be established at the new joint venture of the BMW Group and Great Wall. BMW has promised that Oxford will remain the “heart and home” of the brand’s manufacturing activities.

The German company BMW and the Chinese brand Great Wall have created a new joint venture Spotlight Automotive to build and operate a $ 720 million plant. The new site is located in Zhangjiang, Jiangsu Province. The launch of the plant is scheduled for 2022, which will provide about 3,000 jobs. The estimated capacity will be 160,000 cars per year.

On the eve of BMW representatives said that the new plant will be engaged in the production of future Mini electric vehicles. Great Wall models, and possibly other BMW models, will be produced at the same factory. But the details have not yet been announced. It is expected that the bulk of the cars will be produced for the local market, but deliveries to other countries may begin.

 Nicholas Peter, CFO of BMW, said: “This joint venture will allow us to expand the production of the Electric Mini. This is also an important strategic step for the Mini brand. A joint venture with Great Wall underlines the tremendous importance of the Chinese market to us. ”

In addition, BMW promised to continue working with another local company, Brilliance.