New Mercedes S-Class spotted on the streets of Prague

New Mercedes S-Class spotted on the streets of Prague

January 7, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Once on Skoda land, the W223 is not yet ready to reveal its secrets.

As a small bonus from readers, the publication received a series of photographs of the next-generation S-Class prototype, which lit up on a busy street in Prague. The upgraded Mercedes flagship had a fully serial body and lights, but still hid its graceful retractable door handles.

Thick camouflage, obviously, makes it difficult to see the design changes that will take place in the “pearl” of the Mercedes collection. However, more variety is expected, because, after all, the three main sedans (C, E, S) are very similar to each other. The CLA and CLS sedans are also very similar, so we hope the W223 is different.

However, there is a feeling that Mercedes will also be careful with the exterior of the car without risking adopting an evolutionary design. The new S-Class seems to have a lower nose and may be slightly wider, while rumored to have a model with a standard wheelbase will not survive until the next generation. Clearer headlights and large taillights on the trunk lid will contribute to a more modern look for the model, although some buyers in this segment will probably want something more.

For such customers, the EQS with its unconventional form should meet all the requirements, but it will probably be significantly more expensive than the S-Class, given that it will serve as the all-electric flagship of Mercedes. Perhaps we are faced with a really potential production version of the 2020 model year, but it is unlikely that model sales will begin earlier than the end of the year, and 2021 or even 2022 is a more likely rate.

Meanwhile, the S-Class with a traditional engine will be officially unveiled in the coming months and will receive a completely different interior compared to the previous model, judging by the spy shots presented earlier, so the giant portrait-oriented touch screen, which will replace most of the controls, should not a surprise.