New Mercedes car will get “holey” wheels?

New Mercedes car will get “holey” wheels?

January 26, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The Formula One team is actively preparing to present a new car for participation in the next season. Crash tests FIA successfully completed, the case for the date of the presentation, reports the publication

Most teams have already set a date for the premiere of new cars, so the team from Burkeley will have to present their car on the same day with someone else. Now considered two options – February 14 (McLaren and Sauber tests) and February 15 (Ferrari).

Mercedes has already crashed in Cranfield and the W10 chassis has been homologated by the International Automobile Federation, so the work is not behind schedule. There are practically no details about the new chassis, but sources of the publication speak of an upgraded engine that was supposedly made smaller.

But there is a more interesting rumor about the new race car – the concept of “holey” rear wheel rims. Since the end of last year, this topic has been actively discussed. The essence of the concept lies in the set of small holes on the inside of the discs, which allow for improved heat transfer. For Mercedes, this is an important point, because the backs are suffering from chronic overheating of tires.

 This development, again according to rumors, is planned by the Red Bull team to embody, while Mercedes has improved it and made it more efficient. Thanks to the additional air flow, improved cooling of the rear wheel bearing is provided. So, the car will become more reliable.

Earlier in the tire company Pirelli deciphered a new markup of tires for Formula 1 cars.