New Mercedes-Benz GLE presented a suspension from the flagship S-Class

New Mercedes-Benz GLE presented a suspension from the flagship S-Class

August 6, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

A new-generation SUV will receive an active hydro-spring suspension from the flagship S-Class. An advanced decentralized servo system will help the SUV driver to monitor each wheel and adjust the stiffness of the shock absorbers depending on the situations on the road.

The E-Active Body Control system is an enhanced version of the Magic Body Control suspension, known by the S-Class. It includes hydraulic accumulators that are installed on each rack, and powerful servos that tirelessly control the amount of compression and rebound. In this way, the developers of the Mercedes-Benz range have been able to completely withdraw from the stabilizers of lateral stability.

The 4Matic four-wheel drive system in the Mercedes-Benz GLE of the new generation is equipped with a central differential with electronically controlled wet clutch, which can direct up to one hundred percent of the thrust to the rear axle, and to the front one – up to 65 percent.

Another feature of the updated GLE will be the Curve Control system, which was developed for the SL-Class. When turning the car, it counteracts the rolls, tilting the body not outward, but inside the bend.

It is also worth noting that the new generation Mercedes-Benz GLE will be equipped with a basic passive suspension with steel springs and pneumatic legs with adaptive shock absorbers.

In the salon of the updated car there will be a three-spoke steering wheel in the style of the new S-Class with touch panels and a new multimedia system from the company MBUX, which is a whole complex of solutions. First of all, this is the use of two high-quality displays as a dashboard and multimedia. And both displays are united in a single element.