New Mercedes-Benz GLC revealed by photo spies

New Mercedes-Benz GLC revealed by photo spies

June 3, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The new Mercedes GLC will appear in two years, and it will use the same technology as for the next-generation C-Class.

The second generation Mercedes GLC is again seen by journalists. The all-new model is still a couple of years from the showrooms, but when it does appear, it should get a completely new design language, a fresh assortment of soft hybrid engines and the same interior technologies that are designed for the 2021 Mercedes C-Class.

According to spy shots, it is fashionable to note that the new look will be more evolutionary than revolutionary. The GLC will retain the same stocky design as the previous model, albeit with a new pair of LED headlights and a modified rear door.

However, due to a revision of the platform, the second-generation GLC will be longer than the current car, with an expanded front overhang, a thicker C-pillar and a wider rear quarter window.

Internal changes should be much more complex, as the GLC is expected to receive a completely redesigned dashboard layout. Based on what we know about the next C-class, the next Mercedes infotainment system will dominate the cabin, extending from the bottom of the center console and combining the center display with the new digital instrument cluster.

Like the upcoming Mercedes C-Class replacement, the new GLC will be based on an updated version of the Mercedes MRA. The redesigned platform has a longer wheelbase and is equipped with a set of updates that will support the transition to a fully electrified line of powertrains.

The new line of GLC engines will consist of four- and six-cylinder gasoline and diesel engines, each of which will be equipped with a belt-driven starter-generator and a tiny battery. As in the C-Class, the system will provide an additional 14 hp. and allow the internal combustion engine of the SUV to shut off on the highway.

A more efficient hybrid version of the GLC plugin is also expected. Mercedes plans to upgrade the PHEV version of the C-Class with new battery technology that can offer 50 miles of full electric range – and we expect the same technology to apply when changing the GLC model.