New Mercedes-Benz EQC electric crossover official revealed

New Mercedes-Benz EQC electric crossover official revealed

September 4, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

At a special event in the Swedish capital, Stockholm, representatives of the German automotive Mercedes-Benz brand showed the first ever fully electric crossover in the history of the company. Under the hood of the novelty there are 2 electric motors, the total power of which is 408 hp. The power reserve is 450 km.

Finally, it happened – as part of the event in the Swedish city of Stockholm, was shown Mercedes-Benz EQC, the first fully electric crossover of the German brand Mercedes-Benz. According to the representatives of the company, the long-awaited novelty received 2 electric motors, the total capacity of which is 408 horsepower. By means of the transmission, the torque from these motors is transferred directly to the 4 wheels. And thanks to a lithium-ion battery at 80 kW / h, the crossover can overcome at one full charge a distance of 450 km.

By the way, this battery can be charged at branded stations of the automaker, which received the name Mercedes-Benz Wallbox (charging them will take place 3 times faster). Mercedes-Benz EQC received a battery charger of 7.4 kW to charge the battery from the household power.

It is reported that the power reserve is also directly affected by the current mode of driving … more precisely an electric vehicle. In total, the driver is offered 5 modes – Comfort, Eco, Max Range, Sport. The crossover is equipped with an information and entertainment system of a new generation – it is called MBUX. Among the special features of this complex can be called the construction of a traffic route with a view to visiting the charging stations, as well as the possibility of preheating / cooling the cabin.

The list of equipment for a rather promising German novelty includes a corporate complex of active safety systems. According to the representatives of the company, who showed the car in Stockholm, the standard of automotive safety that is accepted as a standard inside the company is much higher than that required by European legislation. It was separately noted that the design of the car was designed in such a way that in the event of an accident, provide the driver and his passengers the maximum level of safety.

Finally, we note that according to the plans of the German automotive brand, the production of an electric crossover is planned to begin next year. For this purpose, the production facilities in the city of Bremen have been selected. Batteries will be produced in Kamenets. The start of sales is also planned for 2019.

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