New Mercedes-AMG SL will be a direct replacement for the GT roadster

New Mercedes-AMG SL will be a direct replacement for the GT roadster

April 5, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

The CEO of Mercedes-AMG confirms that a completely new generation of the SL sports convertible will replace the current Mercedes-AMG GT roadster.

In a recent conversation with Car and Driver, Mercedes-AMG CEO Philippe Schiemer talked a lot about the future of the sports brand. “Our bright future will continue to invest in gasoline engines that work with electric motors. Yes, all of our future sports models will be equipped with plug-in hybrid powertrains for overall high power and fuel efficiency. Philip Schiemer also confirmed that the new Mercedes will debut -AMG SL is just around the corner and that this new product will replace the existing AMG GT roadster.

The modern Mercedes-Benz SL has had a rough couple of years. Increased internal competition from the AMG GT Roadster, low sales and lack of advertising meant that the model was slowly losing public interest.

Fortunately, the future of the SL convertible looks bright as Mercedes-AMG CEO Philippe Schiemer has confirmed that domestic competition will soon disappear thanks to the complete elimination of the AMG GT Roadster.

The next generation SL will become a full-fledged Mercedes-AMG product, as will the AMG GT coupé and sedan. According to Mr. Schiemer, it will remain a comfortable long-haul vehicle, but immediately notes that the SL has a strong racing pedigree. Schiemer also made it clear that the SL will have its own unique powertrains that other Mercedes-AMG models will not have.