New Mercedes-AMG SL gets rid of camouflage

New Mercedes-AMG SL gets rid of camouflage

June 8, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

The debut in society of the new Mercedes-AMG SL 2022 is approaching. The development process for this new convertible sports car is in its final stages, and again in broad daylight a prototype has been spotted. Several spy photos show the new creation, signed by Mercedes’ sports division.

Mercedes-AMG is working hard on its highly anticipated new model. A sports car that offers a high level of exclusivity and the pleasure of driving a convertible. We are talking about the new Mercedes-AMG SL 2022, a model with a big start approaching and almost just around the corner.

The development process for the new Mercedes sports car is already in its final stages, which has been accelerated in accordance with the timeframe and targets set at the launch of a project very important to the continuity of the Mercedes SL, one of the most interesting convertibles in the German company’s model range.

Once again, in broad daylight, a test sample of the new Mercedes-AMG SL was spotted. Recent spy photos show a noticeable and significant loss of disguise. Although it retains the camouflage front and rear, it now allows a closer look at key aspects of the exterior design with characteristic features typical of Mercedes-AMG models. At the front, there will be a grille surrounded by optical groups with LED technology and large air intakes.

The key element at the rear is the four exhaust vents, which will be perfectly integrated with the diffuser into the rear bumper. Incidentally, as previously suggested, the company opted for a multi-layer tarpaulin roof for the convertible system. It can be opened and closed while driving until a certain speed is exceeded.

The cabin will have four 2 + 2 seats, but the rear seats will be used very rarely or for a short time. The design of the new Mercedes-AMG SL will mainly use lightweight and durable materials such as aluminum, as well as a large amount of carbon fiber.

Serial production will take place in Bremen (Germany), at the same plant where the previous model was produced. The presentation of the new Mercedes-AMG SL will take place shortly. Order logs will open before the end of 2021.