New Mercedes-AMG S63e first spotted on tests near Nürburgring

New Mercedes-AMG S63e first spotted on tests near Nürburgring

October 21, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The German company has begun testing its super sedan Mercedes-AMG S63e.

It is quite possible that this is not the first time that the elusive Mercedes-AMG S63 got into the lenses of photo spies, as pictures of the W223 appeared on the Web in anticipation of the debut of the new S-Class, and it is possible that some of the prototypes were test mules for the “loaded »Sedan. However, now we see the true prototype of the newest car.

Despite the abundance of camouflage film and the attempt to hide all AMG aerodynamic settings, this is clearly a Mercedes-AMG S63e. The exterior of the model practically does not differ from the S-class, with the exception of the Panamericana radiator grille, other lower ventilation holes, and double and wide exhaust pipes are installed at the rear.

According to preliminary information, the new Mercedes-AMG S63e will receive a hybrid powertrain based on a V8 with twin turbocharging, which will produce approximately 700 horsepower. However, there is an opinion that the new product will produce over 800 hp, but it is possible that we are talking about the S73e.

The standard S-Class is just a month away from debuting, so there is still time before the S63 hits the world. Sources indicate the model will arrive in early or mid 2021 and will go on sale as a 2022 model.