New Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series noticed at the Nurburgring

New Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series noticed at the Nurburgring

April 11, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

After just a few days after the start of production of the German GT coupe performed by the R Pro, Mercedes-AMG embarked on tests of an even more powerful version of the model. Debut is scheduled for 2020.

Known as the Black Series, the most high-performance car in the sports division, with the exception of the One hypercar, will be unveiled in 2020 with many upgrades compared to the already hardcore GT R Pro.

We can already see some of the changes that will take place in the Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series, in particular the revised aerodynamic “package” with much wider front air intakes that correspond to the lower corners of the Panamericana false radiator grille.

The edge of the front spoiler does not seem to be much different, but the support brackets are noticeably larger than that of the GT R Pro.

It seems that the coupe does not have side ribs from the Pro version, while the powerful engine is now connected to dual exhaust tailpipes – they are on each side of the bumper. The prototype exhaust system does not seem final, and we expect that the bumper and diffuser will undergo some changes in the production version of the model.

Under the hood, the GT Black Series Coupe will have the same 4.0-liter V8 engine that the GT R Pro is equipped with. The power of the latter is 577 hp, but AMG engineers, most likely, “squeeze out” even more hp. for the flagship version of the model.

Combined with the fact that the GT Black Series will get less weight, compared to the other versions of this coupe, the new product can be the fastest AMG model ever created, well, except for the One hypercar with an F1 engine. Expect the high price of the new Black Series and low availability as it arrives in 2020.