New Mercedes-AMG E63 S spotted without camouflage

New Mercedes-AMG E63 S spotted without camouflage

January 26, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The new sedan will receive wider taillights.

Images appeared on the Web that were posted on Instagram by cochespias. The location of the novelty is not indicated under the photograph, but experts believe that the car was captured in Germany at the factory in Sindelfingen.

The high-performance sedan does not have camouflage, which allows you to consider the taillights, which are completely new and have a horizontal layout, rather than a vertical one like the current model. Updated lights extend to the boot lid to give a wider rear feel and bring the AMG E63 in line with other updated Mercedes sedans.

It goes without saying that in the regular E-Class, new taillights will be installed, as well as a chrome strip that extends across the entire width of the trunk lid. The E63 rear spoiler has a black finish to match the dark roof, while the diffuser has received more metallic accents. As for the four-channel exhaust system, the tips seem to be slightly different, as they have a separate housing.

Unfortunately, the picture is not of high quality, the nose experts believe that the photo showed a “hotter” E63 S. It is expected that the new E63 will finally receive a Panamericana grille with vertical bars, as well as new headlights. The debut of the novelty should take place before the end of the year or at the beginning of 2021.