New Mazda3 first shown on video

New Mazda3 first shown on video

October 17, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Mazda has published the first video teaser, giving an idea of ​​the third-generation Mazda3 hatchback. The premiere of the novelty will be held in November 2018, presumably at the motor show in Los Angeles.

The hatchback design will be a further development of the corporate stylistic direction of KODO. Judging by the video, the new Mazda3 will resemble the Kai concept car, presented in 2017 at the Tokyo Motor Show, externally. In particular, a production car will receive rear pillars of a similar shape, a very tilted tailgate and narrow LED taillights.

Earlier it was reported that for the third-generation Mazda3 will become available fully digital dashboard. As expected, the driver will be able to customize the dashboard, choosing from several options for possible configurations.

According to preliminary data, the motor range of the new Mazda3 will include the SkyActive-X family of engines, which will become the world’s first mass petrol internal combustion engines with compression ignition, and not from candles.

The fuel-air mixture can easily ignite in the cylinder during the compression process, as it does in diesel power units. At the same time, traditional spar