New Mazda sports car spotted

New Mazda sports car spotted

December 10, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The main problem with the development of a new rotary sports coupe is in accordance with relatively tough eco-friendly standards.

Since the management of the Japanese brand decided to stop the mass production of the RX-8 coupe in 2012, there have been reports that the model will soon appear.

 However, there is one thing, but, great, but! As it was possible to learn from a recent interview with the official representative of the automaker, the creation of such a sports model may be a big question.

When asked by journalists, “why can we not see the RX-8 receiver,” a company spokesman replied that the standards for emission of harmful substances were to blame.

He noted that these rules have already ruined more than a dozen of really cool cars and the creation of a new sports coupe with a powerful engine can become an impossible task for the Japanese automaker.

 In addition, at the Los Angeles Auto Show (USA), Mazda’s top manager said that the creation of a new generation of the RX-8 / RX-9 sports car is his personal dream. It was noted that this could remain a dream, at least for the time being.

 “We are constantly developing the technology of rotary engines, but there are so many environmental standards around the world that have recently become very tough. To adjust our engines to these standards, we need more time. We know the main problems that our rotary engines have, and we will look for solutions to these problems, ”said a Mazda spokesman.

 In conclusion, we note that last year, a mysterious prototype of the company’s sports car was spotted on the Nürburgring. So does the development of the RX-8 receiver go?

In the meantime, Mazda’s press office called the prices for the Mazda CX-8’s “stretched” crossover.