New Land Rover Defender made a cool home on wheels

New Land Rover Defender made a cool home on wheels

August 26, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

German camper firm Geno Cab has unveiled its project of converting a 5-door Land Rover Defender into a camper.

Unlike a number of other such projects, a residential superstructure under the name Fiete becomes part of the body of an SUV, taking the place of the cargo compartment.

For the manufacture of the housing of the residential module, composite materials are used, due to which its weight is only 110 kg.

In filling the module, the client is limited only by the offered components. The list includes not only furniture and sleeping places, but also various household amenities such as toilet, shower, kitchen, heater, solar panels for generating electricity and a number of multimedia devices.

If necessary, the company promises to modify the Land Rover Defender itself by improving its off-road qualities.

The module costs from 104,500 euros, and this amount does not include the cost of installing it on an SUV. For this operation, you will have to pay an additional 11,900. The Land Rover Defender 100 itself in Germany is offered at a price of 54,200 euros.

In addition, it was noted that a camper was made from a Jeep Gladiator pickup. It should be emphasized that the RV was named Gladiator Farout and actually anticipates the replenishment of the motor range with a new engine – the 3.0-liter EcoDiesel V6.