New Land Rover broke down 269 km after purchase

New Land Rover broke down 269 km after purchase

October 26, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The new Land Rover Defernder SUV failed in just 48 hours after being delivered to customers. By that time, the Def’s mileage was only 269 km. At the same time, the problem could not be solved even at the service – the broken Land Rover Defernder is still being repaired.

The authors of the American YouTube channel The Fast Line Truck, which purchased the car, faced such a problem. The experts planned to use the car in the “long term”, but their joy did not last long

The cause of the breakdown of the new Land Rover Defender was in the engine. After the check engine flashed on the dashboard, the YouTubers hooked up the car to computer diagnostics. The system showed that in the second and third cylinders there is a mismatch in the supply of air and fuel.

After that, the SUV was taken to the service station, where the mechanic confirmed that the fuel combustion chamber was not working properly. They tried to promptly “put the car on its feet”, but it did not work out – after certain manipulations, the “check engine” still continued to burn. Now the mechanics are expecting new parts for the car (in particular, the engine nozzles, which need to be replaced), and the buyers themselves do not know when they will be able to pick up their Defender.

Ultimately, The Fast Line Truck emphasized that two days and only 269 km were enough to prove once again that Land Rover’s extremely poor reliability was not based on rumors.