New KIA Soul: two weeks before the presentation

New KIA Soul: two weeks before the presentation

November 11, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Only two weeks separate us from the official presentation of the KIA Soul compact crossover of a new generation.

But, apparently, the manufacturer can not stop and continues to bring to perfection the successor to its very popular model.

This time, the Soul 2019 was spotted on the famous Nürburgring track, where, with fear, it approached every turn and passed it with unenviable instability.

Of course, no one expects from this practical urban car speed sports car, and the body does not contribute to outstanding aerodynamics – this car was created completely for other purposes.

Despite the recognizable fun profile, the 2019 KIA Soul is designed from the ground up on the Hyundai KONA platform. What is the most noticeable advantage of a new platform for future owners?

Of course – this is an optional all-wheel drive, which Soul had never had before. Also, the car will grow a little in all dimensions, giving passengers more comfort and space.

No one has yet been able to get a photo or video of the cabin, but it is clear that more modern electronic security systems and new intelligent driver assistants are waiting for us.

But there will be no big changes on the part of the engines – the atmospheric and turbocharged petrol four will remain under the hood of the new model, led by the top 1.6 liter 175 hp.

On the other hand, a significant increase in power and stroke range is awaited by an electric modification of the KIA Soul EV. According to rumors, the engineers of the manufacturer will endow the crossover with a 201 hp engine. and a rechargeable battery, the charge of which will be enough to cover more than 480 km distance.

The end of November is just around the corner, and with it the Los Angeles Auto Show, where for the first time we will see the KIA Soul in a new body in all its glory.