New Kia Sorento receives intelligent blind spot monitoring technology

New Kia Sorento receives intelligent blind spot monitoring technology

May 7, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Kia presented detailed information on the Blind-Spot View Monitor (BVM) technology offered on a completely new SUV.

The new system, described as a “second pair of eyes” for drivers, enhances the safety of Sorento passengers and other road users by eliminating blind spots to the left and right of the driver. The new generation Sorento will be the first Kia in Europe to offer this advanced driving assistance feature.

BVM is one of the features included in the new all-digital 12.3-inch Supervision dashboard with a 1920 x 720 pixel high-definition display. The BVW is also linked to the vehicle turn signal, improving the driver’s vision when driving on the road. This is achieved by displaying a high-resolution video stream on the left or right side of the TFT-LCD instrument cluster if the driver turns on the turn signal.

When another vehicle is in the blind zone, the camera image is briefly displayed on the dial of the speedometer or tachometer. The video comes from two high-resolution wide-angle cameras, hidden in the side mirror housing on each side.

According to Kia, the cameras provide a wider viewing angle than traditional mirrors, giving drivers a clearer picture of another vehicle.