New Jimny enlisted in police in Italy

New Jimny enlisted in police in Italy

November 11, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Italian carabinieri will use the compact Suzuki Jimny SUVs to work in hard-to-reach areas of the Alps and Apennines.

The Italian crabiners got at their disposal 20 Suzuki Jimny SUVs, which were finalized by the specialists of the Focaccia Group company. Outwardly, the “police” SUV differs from the “civilian” with a special departmental livery, flashing beacons, strobe lights, as well as a searchlight on the roof. Inside the car, special lockable niches for storing service weapons were equipped, and they also found a place for a two-kilogram fire extinguisher.

In addition, the new Jimny for the police received snow chains. They will become indispensable in the mountainous terrain, where new SUVs will have to work.

 The police officer Jimny sets in motion a standard one and a half liter gasoline engine with a return of 130 hp. The drive to such an SUV is supposed to be full, such as part-time. It is known that in addition to Jimny, the fleet of carabinieri also replenished with the 55th all-wheel drive Suzuki Ignis. These cars will have to serve in rural areas and small towns.