New Indian Roadmaster Elite released in limited edition

New Indian Roadmaster Elite released in limited edition

February 28, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Just yesterday, the American company Indian Motorcycle presented the most expensive and beautiful cruiser and … announced the start of sales! The model differs in that its painting occurred in the manual.

Each year, the model is presented in a new color design, and this time the bike was released in combination with red Wildfire Red Candy and black Thunder Black Crystal. Besides the fact that in the sun it sparkles with golden splashes, so also the logo is made of real gold leaf. About 30 hours goes to a unique painting.

The bike was installed a 600-watt PowerBand Audio Plus audio system, which has six speakers. There is a nine-band dynamic equalizer that adjusts the frequency depending on the speed of the motorcycle and compensates for the extra noise (including the road and the motor).

By the way, the Thunder Stroke 111 acts as the power plant, issuing 151 Nm at 3,000 rpm. After the upgrade this year, Roadmaster Elite, as well as the entire lineup, was given a system for shutting off the rear cylinder and three engine operating modes – Tour, Standard and Sport.

┬áThe premium model includes LED optics, ABS, heated handles and a seat made of genuine leather, a luggage compartment of more than 140 liters and so on. Additional options include a 19-inch front wheel with larger knobs. And also a set of numerous accessories from the section “style” and “comfort”.